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Under My Umbrella

Düsseldorf, Germany, 2013


Under every umbrella lies a world of its own accompanied by

drums of raindrops, whistling breezes and shining lights.


urban lights (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)




Escalating red (DÜSSELDORF, 2014)


summer at heart (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


city nights (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


ColorS of the night (DÜSSELDORF, 2014)


A Sprinkle Of Rain (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


the still of the night (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


black umbrella (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


mr. rainbow (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


Go! Go! Go! (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


the two of us (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


rain dance (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


one of those days (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


cloudburst (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)