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So Real Surreal

Street photography is generally about realistic everyday moments.

But sometimes these appear more surreal than you expect...


neon future (düsseldorf, 2013)


downtown abyss (düsseldorf, 2013)


neon city (düsseldorf, 2013)


youniverse (düsseldorf, 2013)


an ant called arthur (düsseldorf, 2013)


retina (düsseldorf, 2013)


sunset flamethrower (SEOUL, 2013)


falling earth (düsseldorf, 2013)


burning the midnight oil (düsseldorf, 2013)


well...okay (SEOUL, 2013)


into the cloud (düsseldorf, 2013)


abducted (düsseldorf, 2013)


parallel universe (düsseldorf, 2013)


the bridge we never crossed (düsseldorf, 2013)


glitch (düsseldorf, 2013)