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Neo Noir🕵️

Düsseldorf, Germany, 2013


I always loved film noir so I wanted to translate this amazing genre into the here and now.

Lost souls wandering through the foggy, moonlit city nights off to unknown destinations…


four wise men (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


urban structures (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


Gone (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


moonshine avenue (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


by my side (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


a night out in the park (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


The mothership (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


abducted (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)


into the fog (cloppenburg, 2013)


night out (lingen, 2013)


ribbon (DÜSSELDORF, 2013)